Older API Reference (2024-05-10)

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This API Reference contains the API operations that we no longer recommend you use.

Although we do not recommend these API operations, you can continue to use these API operations if you have integrated with them. You are not required to make changes to your existing integration.

For more information about this change, see this Community post.


Actions are operations that are batch in nature. For example, the "create", "update", "delete", and other operations allow changes to up-to 50 objects at a time. The "query" operation will return up-to 2000 result records back at a time, before requiring additional pages of data to be returned via a subsequent "queryMore" operation.

The default WSDL version for Actions is 79. If you want to change the WSDL version, set the X-Zuora-WSDL-Version header. To find out in which WSDL version a particular object or field was introduced, see Zuora SOAP API Version History.

Note: Actions do not support the Invoice Settlement feature. This feature includes Unapplied Payments, Credit and Debit Memo, and Invoice Item Settlement. Actions also do not support the Orders feature.