Update an order


  • This operation is only available if you have the Orders feature enabled. If you are an existing Zuora Subscribe and Amend customer, we recommend you enable Orders Harmonization to access the Orders feature. With Orders, you can access both existing functions for subscription and billing management and the new features on Zuora Billing.
  • Update an order is only valid for draft or scheduled orders.
  • This operation doesn't support auto-refund and invoice write-off during subscription cancellation. Use the "Create an order" operation instead.
  • You must provide full payload when using the "Update an order" operation. That is, if you want to edit one order action, you need to provide all other order actions in the payload. Otherwise, the other order actions will be removed.
path Parameters
string <string>

Order number of a order in which you are to update.

header Parameters

Include the Accept-Encoding: gzip header to compress responses as a gzipped file. It can significantly reduce the bandwidth required for a response.

If specified, Zuora automatically compresses responses that contain over 1000 bytes of data, and the response contains a Content-Encoding header with the compression algorithm so that your client can decompress it.


Include the Content-Encoding: gzip header to compress a request. With this header specified, you should upload a gzipped file for the request payload instead of sending the JSON payload.


The value is in the Bearer {token} format where {token} is a valid OAuth token generated by calling Create an OAuth token.

string <= 64 characters

A custom identifier for tracing the API call. If you set a value for this header, Zuora returns the same value in the response headers. This header enables you to associate your system process identifiers with Zuora API calls, to assist with troubleshooting in the event of an issue.

The value of this field must use the US-ASCII character set and must not include any of the following characters: colon (:), semicolon (;), double quote ("), and quote (').


An entity ID. If you have Zuora Multi-entity enabled and the OAuth token is valid for more than one entity, you must use this header to specify which entity to perform the operation in. If the OAuth token is only valid for a single entity, or you do not have Zuora Multi-entity enabled, you should not set this header.


Comma separated IDs. If you have Zuora Multi-Org enabled, you can use this header to specify which orgs to perform the operation in. If you do not have Zuora Multi-Org enabled, you should not set this header.

The IDs must be a sub-set of the user's accessible orgs. If you specify an org that the user does not have access to, the operation fails.

If the header is not set, the operation is performed in scope of the user's accessible orgs.

Request Body schema: application/json
Default: "NewSales"

Category of the order to indicate a product sale or return. Default value is NewSales.

Enum: "NewSales" "Return"
object (orderFieldsCustom)

Container for custom fields of an Order object.

string <= 500 characters

A description of the order.

string <= 70 characters

The account number that this order will be created under. Note that this actually specifies the invoice owner account of the subscriptions included in this order.


An enum field on the Subscription object to indicate the name of a third-party store. This field is used to represent subscriptions created through third-party stores.

Enum: "Amazon" "Apple" "Google" "Roku"
string <date>

The date when the order is signed. All the order actions under this order will use this order date as the contract effective date if the contract effective date field is skipped or its value is left as null.

Array of objects (CreateOrderOrderLineItem)

Order Line Items are non subscription based items created by an Order, representing transactional charges such as one-time fees, physical goods, or professional service charges that are not sold as subscription services.

With the Order Line Items feature enabled, you can now launch non-subscription and unified monetization business models in Zuora, in addition to subscription business models.

Note: The Order Line Items feature is now generally available to all Zuora customers. You need to enable the Orders feature to access the Order Line Items feature. As of Zuora Billing Release 313 (November 2021), new customers who onboard on Orders will have the Order Line Items feature enabled by default.

string <= 100 characters

The order number of the new order. If not provided, system will auto-generate a number for this order.
Note: Make sure the order number does not contain a slash.

object (processingOptionsOrders)

The container for billing processing options and payment processing options.


  • This field is not supported in draft orders.
  • When you use the "Create an order" operation to create an account, create a subscription, run billing, and collect payment in a single call, if any error occurs during the call, such as a payment processing failure and a tax engine failure, then all the other steps will be rolled back. In this case, neither the invoice will be generated, nor the subscription nor the account will be created.
  • When you use the "Create an order" operation to cancel a subscription with refund and writeOff, if the refund or writeOff fails, cancelSubscription, runBilling, and collectPayment still can succeed.
  • When you use the "Create an order" operation, the collectPayment and refund fields cannot be set to true simultaneously. Otherwise, the order will not be proceeded.
string <= 255 characters

Values of reason code configured in Billing Settings > Configure Reason Codes through Zuora UI. Indicates the reason when a return order line item occurs.


Information of scheduled order.


The status of the order. The default value is Completed. The following values are supported:

  • Draft: The order is in draft status.
  • Pending: The order is in pending status.
  • Completed: The order is in completed status.
  • Scheduled: The order is in scheduled status and it is only valid if the Scheduled Orders feature is enabled.
  • Executing: The scheduled order is executed by a scheduler and it is only valid if the Scheduled Orders feature is enabled.
  • Failed: The scheduled order has failed.
Enum: "Draft" "Pending" "Completed" "Scheduled"
Array of objects

Each item includes a set of order actions, which will be applied to the same base subscription.


Internal Server Error


Request Errors

Request samples
  • "description": "This is a description for the Order.",
  • "existingAccountNumber": "A00000001",
  • "orderDate": "2017-01-01",
  • "orderLineItems": [
  • "orderNumber": "OM-00001",
  • "processingOptions": {
  • "subscriptions": [
Response samples
  • "accountNumber": "A00000001",
  • "invoiceNumbers": [
  • "orderLineItems": [
  • "orderNumber": "OM-00002",
  • "paidAmount": 300,
  • "paymentNumber": "P-00000002",
  • "status": "Pending",
  • "subscriptions": [
  • "success": true