Introduction to Zuora API Versions

The v1 API are version controlled. Versioning ensures that the v1 API changes are backward compatible. Zuora uses a major and minor version nomenclature to manage changes. By specifying a version in a REST request, you can get expected responses regardless of future changes to the API.

Major Version

The major version number of the v1 API appears in the endpoint. In this API reference, only the v1 major version is available. For example, POST

Minor Version

This API Reference only showcases the parameters and fields available for the latest API minor version. In other words, all the documented parameters and fields in each operation are the ones you can use or get with the latest minor version enabled or specified.

An API minor version is introduced whenever we make a backward-incompatible change. The version is in the format of YYYY-MM-DD, for example, 2024-05-20. The legacy numbered versions such as 196.0 are still supported for backward compatibility, but are no longer available for new integrations.You need to specify the zuora-version header with a version when you want to use or get the fields that are available only in that version. To use another version, set the zuora-version parameter to the version number in the request header.The supported minor versions are not consecutive. You can use the following versions to override the default version (186.0):
  • 187.0
  • 188.0
  • 189.0
  • 196.0
  • 206.0
  • 207.0
  • 211.0
  • 214.0
  • 215.0
  • 216.0
  • 223.0
  • 224.0
  • 230.0
  • 239.0
  • 256.0
  • 257.0
  • 309.0
  • 314.0
  • 315.0
  • 329.0
  • 330.0
  • 336.0
  • 337.0
  • 338.0
  • 341.0
  • 2024-05-20

Not all versions include backward-incompatible changes. To understand all backward incompatible changes, see API upgrades.