Create Products

Products describe the goods or services you offer to your customers. Each product has a unique id and SKU.

Plans are collections of prices. While products help you track inventory or provisioning, plans and prices help you track payment terms.

Prices determine how you charge your customers for the product they subscribe to. Since products allow you to track inventory and provisioning you can change prices without having to change your provisioning scheme.

Prices can represent tiers, allowing the unit cost to change with quantity or usage. You might, for example, want to offer lower rates for customers who use more units per month. The following examples show two different ways to adjust pricing as usage increases: volume-based pricing and graduated pricing.

When you create a price with tiers, the unit cost varies depending on how many units your customer buys.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • How to create a product with tiered prices by volume through API.

Step 1. Generate an OAuth token

See Create an OAuth token for details.

Step 2. Create a product using the "CRUD: Create a product" operation

The following cURL code sample creates a product called "Cloud Service" with SKU number SKU-001. This product is valid from 2022-10-20 till 2032-10-20.

curl -X POST -H "Authorization: Bearer 6d151216ef504f65b8ff6e9e9e8356d3" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d '{
    "Description": "Create product via API", 
    "EffectiveEndDate": "2032-10-20", 
    "EffectiveStartDate": "2022-10-20", 
    "Name": "Cloud Service", 
    "SKU": "SKU-001"
}' ""

Step 3. Verify the result

After the product is created, you can verify the result in the Zuora UI or through the GET operations for the Product object.

To verify the result through the Zuora UI, you can find the created product displayed at the top of the All Products page by navigating to Products > Product Catalog in the Zuora UI.

To verify the result through the API, See Retrieve Object Info for details.