Base URL for the Quickstart API

All API requests occur in a test or production environment. For details on Zuora’s environments, see Zuora Environments in the Knowledge Center.

Each environment uses a different base URL. Select the appropriate base URL below that you need to use:

US Developer & Central Sandbox

Applicable for Test Drive and trial access
US API Sandbox (Cloud 1) (Cloud 2)
US Production (Cloud 1) (Cloud 2)
EU Developer & Central Sandbox
EU API Sandbox
EU Production
APAC Sandbox & Production Coming soon!

If you do not have a Zuora tenant, go to and sign up for a test drive.

Getting started with the Zuora SDK

You can interact with the API through HTTP requests from any language, through our official Java library or our official Node.js library.

To use the official Java library, add the following dependency to your project's POM file:


Make sure to replace ${version} with the latest version of the library.

To install the official Node.js library, run the following command in your Node.js project directory:

npm install@zuora-sdk/node-js