Collections API Reference (2021-08)

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This is the REST API reference for Zuora Collections. This reference provides detailed descriptions about functions, requests, and responses of the APIs for the following two component apps. Rest APIs for other component apps will be included in this reference when they are released.

  • Advanced Payment Manager
  • Collections Window
  • Configurable Payment Retry
  • Notes
  • Statement Generator


Advanced Payment Manager, Collections Window, Configurable Payment Retry, and Statement Generator use basic authentication. The user name is the email address that you use for logging in Zuora. The password is the API token that is shown in the settings of the Collections feature. Notes uses API-token only for authentication. You need to use "API-Token" as the header key and the api token that is shown in the Setting of Notes as the value.

Base URLs

Base URLs for different components are different. Click the drop-down arrow at the end of an endpoint to display the full endpoint.