Which API Should I Use for Integration?

API for Billing, Payments, and Platform

Zuora offers two sets of API for Billing, Payments, and Platform: Quickstart API and V1 API (also known as Zuora REST API in docs).

Zuora’s Quickstart API represents a simplified programmatic experience for common commerce use cases. Alternatively, Zuora’s V1 API provides complete coverage to Zuora applications and associated features.

Note: Zuora is committed to both sets of API from the development, management, and support perspective for the long haul. The Quickstart API is not a replacement to the V1 API.


Follow the guidelines below to decide which APIs you want to use for your integration:

  • Evaluate the Quickstart API first to see if it speeds up your development projects. If it does not, pivot to the V1 API.
  • For common use cases, leverage the Quickstart API. If or when there are coverage gaps, you can consider using Zuora's V1 API or any other developer tool that provides adequate support. You do not need to be concerned with standardizing on one versus the other. In actuality, these APIs are designed to interoperate together. It is common for Zuora customers to leverage a number of developer tools available based on the appropriate use case.
  • If you have built integration with the V1 API, you should continue to use the V1 API. We neither expect nor recommend existing customers rebuild V1 API integrations using the Quickstart API unless they have a compelling reason to do so.

API for other products

If you are using other products such as Zephr, Revenue, or Collections, find the API Reference below for these products.